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Church beliefs

A coat of many colours

Like all congregations, our members and leadership often have complex faith journeys and come from or adhere to a variety of faith traditions and personal theologies. Over time at ARCC this has melded into a rich culture. New members may find the mixture of traditional structures and rainbow theology a bit daunting at first. The best way to find out about us is to come along to a service. What is important is, that no matter where you are on your faith journey, and however you identify with your sexuality or gender, you are welcome. Feel free to sit back and observe or participate as you feel comfortable. And please do contact us if you have any particular questions or concerns.

Relationship to scripture

In general members of ARCC come from reasonably conservative Christian backgrounds and have a high regard for scripture. We don’t seek to evade scripture but rather to understand it. Particularly in the context in which it was written, who it was for and how it speaks to us today.

Style of service

Our services generally follow a conventional structure: Gathering, Scripture readings, Prayers, The peace, Communion & Dismissal. This is followed by a shared super. The monthly Cafe style service (on the second Sunday of every month) is less formal but follows the same general structure and includes time for short group sharing.

Services are led by an ordained minister from amongst a pool of volunteer ministers from affirming congregations of various denominations. We generally have three scriptural readings: Old testament, Epistles & Gospel. Homilies are often delivered by members of the community and generally reflect the concerns and challenges of our rainbow community. Also from time-to-time invited guests may deliver the homily or give an address.


Over the years we have adapted and developed a number of liturgies. The current liturgies are entitled Faith, Peace, Love & Hope. These are generally based on conventional liturgies with adaptations for the concerns of our LGBTQI+ community.

Church calendar

We follow the normal Western church calendar and observe the celebration of Easter, Pentecost, Advent, Christmas & Lent. This is interspersed with a number of special services such as our Thank God for Pride service at the end of the regular Pride celebrations, Aids candlelight memorial, and the Feast of Saints Sergius and Bacchus.

See our roster for more details.

Hymns & music

We have been worshiping in the magnificent Gothic style Anglican church of St Matthew in the City since the 1970s with its wonderful pipe organ. As such, organ music and a mixture of traditional and contemporary hymns feature in most of our services. The exception is the cafe style service when we use a piano and contemporary worship songs.