Our preachers / homilists

ARCC does not have a minister but runs a roster of presiders and preachers drawn both from within with the ARCC community and from a variety of affirming communities and denominations throughout Auckland. Many have full-time positions elsewhere and generously contribute their time and energy to our church.

NB: For pastoral care, please see out contact page

Our current roster of preachers includes:

Peter Lineham

I am a historian, who prior to retirement in January 2019 taught and researched at Massey University, New Zealand.

Specialties: Historian of religion, especially Protestant Christianity in England and the religious history of New Zealand.

I was made a Member of the Order of New Zealand in the New Years honours list of 2019 for services to religious history and the community.

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  • Anne Priestley
  • Brenda
  • Clare Barrie
  • David Dennis
  • Gendi Burwell
  • Hector Cumming
  • Helen Jacobi
  • John Mcalpine
  • Mark Henrickson
  • Martin Dixon
  • Mike Stachurski
  • Richard Bonifant
  • Rob Kilpatrick
  • Russell Hoban
  • Vicki Terrell