Ministers & preachers

ARCC does not have a minister but runs a roster of presiders and preachers drawn both from within with the ARCC community and from a variety of affirming communities and denominations throughout Auckland.

Many have full-time positions elsewhere and generously contribute their time and energy to our church.

NB For pastoral care, please see out contact page.

Our ministers & preachers include:

Rev Mark Henrickson

Mark Henrickson is Professor of Social Work at Massey, Auckland, and a registered social worker. He has published extensively on HIV, gender and sexual diversity, and on vulnerabilised and marginalised communities. Ordained priest in the Anglican Communion in 1981, he has served in both full-time parish and non-stipended roles over the years. As a gay Christian he knows it is harder to be queer and Christian than Christian and queer; yet the love of God embraces us because of who we are, not in spite of who we are. He is pleased to support the work and ministry of ARCC.

Rev Helen Jacobi

Rev Dr Helen Jacobi MNZM is an Anglican priest and is the vicar of St Matthew-in-the-City. Helen has a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching (Chicago), and degrees in theology, languages, and social work. St Matthew-in-the-City seeks to be a church which reflects the diversity of Auckland city and stands with those on the margins. The focus of Helen’s work has always been the engagement of the church in society, and challenging the church to reflect better the society it operates within. Helen’s blog Spirited Edge can be found at and she tweets @RevHelenJacobi

Rev Rob Kilpatrick

Rob was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1982 after graduating from Carey Baptist College in Auckland and went on to further studies in missiology from UNISA, Pretoria (1985) an M.Phil in anthropology and a PhD in Business and Law. He takes the occasional MBA guest lecture at AUT and in missiology at Carey College and supervises several ministers/chaplains in active pastor roles. He is chair of the Sustain Projects Myanmar charity in Australia and Circuit Internal in NZ As well as working as a Baptist Pastor and as head of the Baptist Missionary Society of NZ, he worked as head of faith engagement at World Vision Australia and has visited over 70 countries and researched on the faith impact of World Vision’s work in quite a few of them.

Peter Lineham

I am a historian, who prior to retirement in January 2019 taught and researched at Massey University, New Zealand. Specialties: Historian of religion, especially Protestant Christianity in England and the religious history of New Zealand. I was made a Member of the Order of New Zealand in the New Years honours list of 2019 for services to religious history and the community.

Rev Nicola Sian Frater

The Reverend Nicola Sian Frater is an Anglican Parish Priest who recently retired from ministry as an Aged Care Chaplain. She has a special interest in Dementia Care and Palliative Care as well as supporting people to find meaning and purpose and life-giving connection through the transitions of ageing. Nicola is a trans woman who has been on a journey of accepting her trans identity for 11 years before coming out publicly and professionally at Easter 2022. As a woman attracted to women Nicola also identifies with the Lesbian community. Nicola began ministry as a Pentecostal Bible teacher and preacher before doing further study at The Bible College of NZ and The College of St John the Evangelist. Nicola is married with three adult children.

The Reverend Father Liam Phillips

Parish Priest of Saint Jude, Avondale, and All Saints, Ponsonby. Originally from Great Britain, Aotearoa has been home to Liam for the past twenty years. He has a background in the performing arts, banking and finance, social welfare and church administration. Liam holds a Bachelor of Applied Theology, a Diploma in Christian Studies, and a Diploma in Performing Arts and has worked in the parishes of Auchenflower-Milton, Queensland, Saint Mark, Remuera, Saint George, Thames and All Saints, Ponsonby. Liam is passionate about ‘mother Anglicana’ and the breadth of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, continually establishing friends and whanau across Tikanga and diocesan boundaries. He has a strong belief in Jesus’ love for all people, unique in their many backgrounds, vocations, passions, pleasures and journeys.

Rev Diana Rattray

I am an Anglican Priest and Vicar of All Saints Ponsonby, an inclusive community of faith. I have been ordained 20 years and out for 9 years. I am married to Fiona and am a step-parent to three children. Being a priest in a committed same sex relationship has had some very challenging moments. I continue to be disappointed in the church’s attitude towards human sexuality and the impact that debates, discussions and decisions have on LGBTQI+ people within Christian communities and in wider society. In most instances the “issue” has been given much more attention and status than the “people”.

Rev Anne Preistly

I’m an Anglican priest, now retired, married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren, and am owned by 2 cats. My background includes degrees in Classics and Theology, and a qualification in Early Childhood. I’ve worked in education, and as a hospital play specialist at the Starship children’s hospital. As priest, I’ve served at All Saints Ponsonby, St Peter’s Onehunga and St Isaac’s retreat in the Hokianga. Silence is important to me. The worship of Taizé has nourished me. More and more I find God in the here and now.


Rev Tony Franklin-Ross

Tony has been a member of the ARCC community since 1991, serving on the Board including as Chairperson for over 10 years. For Tony, the special ecumenical and queer family of the community has made it his ‘church home’, and it is from ARCC that he discerned his call to ordained ministry. Tony was ordained by the Methodist Church of New Zealand – Te Hāhi Weteriana o Aotearoa in 2009. Tony has previously served in parish appointments and as a Superintendent of a District Synod. He is currently acting Director of Mission and Ecumenical for MCNZ, overseeing its national and international ecumenical relationships as well as overseas mission partnerships.  Tony also serves the World Methodist Council as its Chairperson for Ecumenical Relationships. 

Rev Keith King

Having been confronted by death when in my 20’s I set off for a quest to discover the meaning of life! This inevitably led me into the church and I was ordained as a priest in 1979. I consider myself to still be on that quest. I have had an eclectic journey working as a Parish Priest, a chaplain, a restauranter and now run a business as a full time celebrant. I am married to Hilton. Have three children and six grandchildren. These words by Hunter S Thompson say it all for me:

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body;
But rather to skid broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming,
‘Whoa – what a ride!’


Revd Vicki Terrell

Revd Vicki Terrell is an Anglican Priest and is a Disability Ministry Educator in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. She was priested in 2009. Vicki has an MA in Sociology and Graduate Diplomas in Not for Profit Management and Theology and has worked both in disability and church organisations. Vicki was born into the church and disability. These strands continue to shape her journey.  Vicki is passionate about the transformative power of the Gospel to challenge injustice enabling all people to flourish in communities. Vicki has been part of ARCC since 2012, regularly presiding and preaching. 

Alastair Priestley

Alastair Priestley is a lay member of ARCC and is one of the worship preparers. He has previously been on the ARCC board. He started attending ARCC when he had questions about his sexuality and faith, and found a much pastoral support in working through these question. His background is in the Anglican church, and one of ARCC’s strengths is the diverse range of denominations reflected in its members.. 

Rev Richard Bonifant

Richard is an Anglican priest (ordained deacon 2004, Priest 2005). He initially trained at Victoria University of Wellington completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Religious studies before gaining first class honours in Religious Studies. He then studied theology at the University of Auckland while attending St John’s Theological College.

Having completed his studies Richard worked as a Deacon assistant at Wellington City Mission and the Anglican Parish of Kapiti before becoming full time Priest assistant in the Parish of Kapiti. He then moved to Auckland where he served as Associate Chaplain at King’s College for two years before becoming the Vicar of St Andrew’s Epsom where he served as Vicar for ten years. Richard returned to study in 2019 and is currently working towards a Ph.D in the area of psychology and religion. He is also a teaching fellow at Trinity Methodist Theological College where he teaches Religious Studies, Preaching, Liturgics, and Pastoral Theology.

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  • Rev Clare Barrie, Vicar St Lukes Mt Albert
  • Rev Gendi Burwell
  • Rev John McAlpine
  • Rev Martin Dixon
  • Rev Sandy Robertson, Chaplain Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland
  • Rev Stephen Donald