Auckland Rainbow Community Church is committed to delivering a COVID-safe event.

There are currently no limitations on the ability of ARCC to gather for all of our usual activities. We still need to take some care however, as the virus remains a global reality and may still be present or return to New Zealand.

Contact Tracing

Irrespective of the Covid level we ask that those attending scan our QR code which is on the entry doors, and have bluetooth tracing turned on. We also have a sign in book.

The church has in the past operated safely at level 2. For us, most activities are considered safe; singing, communion, social gatherings.

At Level 2 we will implement social distancing and compulsory tracing measures.

At Level 2.5 or higher we will cancel the event.

Decisions will be made and implemented immediately on receiving the news.

We will impart this information on our website, our Facebook page and via our email subscriptions.


Be Aware. Caution should still be exercised around practices such as the sharing of peace and the Eucharist, as some are not comfortable with skin to skin contact.

We dip the wafer (bread) in the cup of wine. But if you wish, take the wafer, or just ask for a blessing.

Other guidelines:

Use the hand sanitiser

If you’re sick, please stay home. If you have cold or ‘flu symptoms, call a Doctor or Healthline and get tested. Self isolate if you are told to do so.

Practice good hygiene – wash hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes.


Be kind to others be kind to yourself.